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Stearic Acid
Stearic acid is used as suitable food additive. This chemical is also required to formulate cosmetics, bathing soap and detergents. Available in different grades, this powder based chemical has standard storage life.
Food Additives
Food additives have significant role in improving texture, viscosity and also promoting gel forming attributes of different processed food products. Available in different formulations, these additives can be stored for specific period.
Polymer Additives
Polymer additives have crucial role in improving physical and chemical attributes of PVC, PE and other polymer products. These non toxic grade additives are offered at competitive price to our valued clients.
Protein powders have significant role in overall development of body. Widely used to formulate nutritional supplements, this range of protein based products has been formulated from soybean, whey, peanut, rice etc.
Industrial Chemicals
Industrial chemicals are used as integral parts of semiconductor, lithium battery and photocatalyst making procedures.  Some  of these chemicals are also used to improve processing features of ABS, PU, PP and PE.
Pharma Drugs
Pharma drugs offered by us are well known for their precise formulation and long lasting medicinal value. This range of drugs is effective in treating heartburn, inflammatory feeling and various other health conditions.
Chemical Additives
This range of chemical additives is well known for its versatile nature. Based on composition, these additives are used in different industries to suit specific application requirements. Offered additives can be stored for specific period.
Chemical Reagents
Chemical reagents offered by us are used for boosting physical and chemical attributes of resins and PVC. These reagents are required during molding, extrusion and calendaring procedures in plastic processing arena.
Chemical Supplies
This array of chemical supplies is well known for its multipurpose roles. These chemicals are required to produce weather proof cables, submarine cables, for processing of coatings, rubber and thermoplastics.
Wax Raw Materials
Wax raw materials are used as integral parts of paper coating, leather auxiliary production and cosmetics manufacturing process.  Formulated under controlled environment, this array of PE wax materials can be availed at reasonable rate from us.